Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A group of Chamber Member Support Jokowi-JK

A group of businessmen who are under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Kadin ) said it supported the presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates and Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla .

They argued the couple , especially Jusuf Kalla , experienced in managing the economy.
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" We saw the same vision and perception to support him sincerely , there is no any interest , " said the chairman of the business community is also Vice Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs , Yugi Priyanto , at Headquarters Jokowi Centre , Menteng , Wednesday ( 28 / 5/2014 ) .

Yugi said it is ready to win Jokowi- JK in the presidential election . When asked about the funds that will be disbursed to Jokowi - JK , he said it is tentative .

" The concrete , we opened our network spread 33 provincial organizations that we shaded . We will also distribute banners and banners for promotional purposes , " said Yugi .

He also said that Jokowi and JK have the same background . Jokowi is a furniture businessman once the largest furniture export in Solo , Central Java is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Solo . While Kalla is heavy industry entrepreneur who is also a former national chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of South Sulawesi province .

The declaration was made ​​in house Founder of PT Mustika Ratu , which is used as the headquarters Mooryati Soedibjo Jokowi Centre . Mooryati daughter , Princess Kuswisnu Wardani is currently the President Director of PT Mustika Ratu also joined the volunteer businessmen .

In addition , the younger brother Jusuf Kalla , Halim Kalla also joined the advisory board and sit . Another businessman who joined the Chamber of Commerce is the Waketum like Bambang Sujagat , Natsir Mansour , Hari Sukamdani , Budyarto Linggowiyono .

Former Chairman of the National Mandate Party once employers , Soetrisno Bachir also joined .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Shorted, SD in Manado Burned Building

Fire broke out in the city of Manado , on Monday ( 5/26/2014 ) morning . An elementary school building ( SD ) 61 and the houses are located in the Village of East Mahakeret , District Wenang , sold engulfed in the flames .

From the information gathered , the fire originated from the family home Kaeng Lumenta . Time of the incident , the homeowner was not in place . Strong suspicion that the fire ignited by a short circuit or a short circuit of the electrical installation of the house because it is unstable .

" Electricity die every moment on, every day there was a sudden blackout . Probably because it is unstable , so shorting , " said Meity , a resident who was on the scene .
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A total of five fire trucks from Manado City Government deployed to tackle the fire . New fire under control after two hours of blazing because the entrance to the site is very narrow making it difficult for officers .

Meanwhile , teaching and learning activities in SD 61 had to be stopped due to damaged several rooms on fire .

" The room library , class three and class four sold out on fire . Tomorrow we are thinking of new temporary relocation of students to another building , " said Chief of SD 61 , Mary Sundalangi .

Although there were no casualties in the fire , but the loss is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars .

Lately in Manado City of frequent fires . From the data gathered , the main cause of the fire was most dominated by short circuit .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Supporters Confident Jokowi Will not Remove Teacher Certification

Supporters Party Presidential Candidate Joko Widodo in West Sulawesi province confirms Jokowi will not abolish teacher certification when elected President in the Presidential Election ( Election) 2014.

" We as a party official in West Sulawesi Jokowi supporter , stating that the rumors circulating in the community , especially in the West Sulawesi Majene , stating Jokowi would abolish teacher certification when elected President , not at all true , " said Secretary General Executive Board of the Province of West Sulawesi Regional CLA Yahya Hanafi , in Produktion Saturday .

He said Jokowi when elected President in the 2014 election it will improve the welfare of teachers , as the pillars that build and educate the nation to progress and develop. Jokowi certainly will not eliminate teacher certification .
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According to him , the issue stating Jokowi would eliminate teacher certification is a campaign that is not true black . Thus, people should not believe the issue is full of political interests .

" Jokowi has met with the Chairman of the Indonesian Teachers Association ( PGRI ) and confirms that it will not eliminate the certification of teachers , '' he said .

'' Certification will only be maintained and well-being and quality of teachers will be improved , for the advancement of education in this country for the betterment of the nation , " said Yahya .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

"1,000 Percent Innocent Suryadharma Ali, he's not guy Haus Money"

Deputy Secretary General of the United Development Party ( PPP ) Joko Purwanto admitted that he had guessed the determination of the Chairman of PPP who is also the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali as a suspect related to the organization of the Hajj corruption . As the closest Suryadharma , Joko believes it is innocent colleagues .

"I was as close to him are not sure a SDA ( Suryadharma Ali ) do it . I am well aware of who the SDA , I am 1,000 percent sure he's innocent . So , I know very well he is not the person who thirst for money , the thirst for wealth is not typical . But he's a diligent worker and try to do the best at his job , " Joko said when contacted on Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .
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However , Ricardo stated that the PPP would continue to respect the existing legal process . Since a week ago , he added , the PPP is already suspect that the SDA will be named as a suspect by the KPK . This refers KPK chairman Abraham Samad statement stating there will be an official country would be suspect in Hajj corruption case .

" Therefore , we respect the ongoing legal process . As a party and personal , we must uphold the presumption of innocence , we respect it. God willing, this storm could soon be out of the PPP who was struck ketum . I'm sure Hakk ul SDA is not as alleged, "said Joko .

Previously reported , the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) set Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali as suspects in the alleged corruption related to the organization of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in fiscal year 2012-2013 .

Determination of the status of the suspect 's Suryadharma Ali delivered KPK deputy chairman Busyro Muqoddas .

" It rose investigation by the SDA ( Suryadharma Ali ) et al as a suspect , " said KPK deputy chairman Busyro Muqoddas .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bank Indonesia: TPID Proven Ability to Help Mute Inflation

Governor of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) said Agus DW Martowardojo , synergy central government and local governments is essential in formulating solutions to problems of price stability . This is because high inflation will lead to an increase in price significantly.

According to Agus , amid rising global and domestic challenges in 2013 and originally predicted inflation could hit double digits as a result of the increase in the price of fuel oil ( BBM ) subsidy . However , the fact that inflation can be managed well by the Bank and the government , so that inflation can be maintained at 8.3 percent position .
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" It's not out of commitment , hard work , and the support of 233 Regional Inflation Control Team ( TPID ) which has been formed to date , " said Agus on Rakornas TPID V at Hotel Grand Sahid Jaya , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) .

Agus said, many efforts have been made ​​concrete by TPID and acted upon by the local government as an effort to control inflation . He gave the example is subsidizing freight food supply in East Java .

" There is also the addition of loading and unloading capacity at the port in Kupang , the implementation of warehouse receipt systems in Cirebon , the conversion of fuel gas (CNG ) for fishermen in Gorontalo , and communication in the TPID - TPID in the Sumatra region to direct the public's expectations of inflation , " said Agus .

These efforts is called Agus is able to reduce the impact of fuel price hike be smaller than in 2005 and 2008. Information only , the increase in fuel price subsidies in the years has resulted in a skyrocketing rate of inflation .

" In 2005 and 2008 the inflation respectively 11 and 17 percent . Recent developments improved inflation . Along with the achievement of inflation targets in the whole of 2014 reached 4.5 plus or minus 1 percent , " said Agus .

Today, the government through the Bank Indonesia ( BI ) , the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs , and Ministry of Interior held a National Coordination Meeting of Regional Inflation Control Team ( TPID ) . Rakornas among others attended by governors , mayors , and regents from all over Indonesia . Also attending Chairul Minister for Economic Affairs , Minister of Home Affairs Gamawan Fauzi , Minister of Agriculture Suswono , and Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Golkar politician Jusuf Kalla Appoints So Spokesman

Candidates vice president , Jusuf Kalla , Golkar politician pointed , Poempida Hidayatulloh , as his spokesman . On the other hand , the Golkar Party has officially declared their full support for the president and vice president candidates , Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa .

" Thank God and an honor , I was appointed as a spokesman for Mr. Jusuf Kalla , " said Poempida in the short message received by journalists on Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Poempida which is one of the Golkar loyalist Kalla in the states already have confidence that the JK will be appointed by the vice Chairman of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) Megawati Sukarnoputri . Poempida said , the signs were never delivered by JK told him in October 2013 .
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" Pak Jusuf Kalla told me about his meeting with President Megawati . Both statesmen is to discuss the constellation of the 2014 presidential election . Since listening to the story , I am very confident that in the mind of a Megawati's PDI-P will carry Jokowi- JK , " he said .

Members of the House of Representatives Commission IX also found a couple Joko Widodo and Kalla is hope for Indonesia in the future . Both figures it has a closeness with people very well .

" Both were happy to go straight into the work field . Both also have public communication skills and clear what it is the workers who are both serious and tenacious . This is a major capital of both highly give hope to me personally , and I believe this would be felt by the people of Indonesia , "said Poempida .

Poempida said , there will be a lot of Golkar members supporting Jokowi docked . However , he did not want to open up anyone who supports Jokowi . "Later officially exist , yes , " he said .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dahlan Iskan Indonesia Difficult Headache Society Save Electricity

Minister of State Enterprises ( SOEs ) Dahlan Iskan hard to judge the people of Indonesia are asked to conserve energy , especially electricity . It causes power shortages in the country continuously and trigger blackouts .

" When we told people -power, he replied ' Oh we pay anyway ' , " Dahlan said after meeting leaders of the Ministry of Enterprise , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) .

Dahlan compared with Japan and Korea , where people obey the orders of the government . If the power is reduced due to interference , the people of Japan and Korea immediately turn off the air conditioner and lights unused .
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" In Japan , Korea , there is disruption reduced the air conditioning , lights do not need to be turned off , it immediately turned off society , " said Dahlan .

Dahlan added that the Indonesian people feel the need for electricity when it's dead . If not dead , the people of Indonesia can not be power-efficient . " What attracts people remember electric , electric remember if they're dead , " said Dahlan .

Previously reported , two days in a row of PT PLN ( Persero ) Distribution of Jakarta and Tangerang killed power in Jakarta and Tangerang . This is done PLN due to system power deficit of approximately 750 MW Muara Karang Sub System - Gandul , Balaraja - Papyrus , and Kembangan on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 .


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Merapi activity increases not Interrupt Execution UN

Implementation of the national exam ( UN ) SMP / MTs in Sleman , not disturbed by the increase in the status of Mount Merapi, which has now become wary . This is because , there is no school organizers UN SMP / MTs who are in Disaster Prone Areas ( KRB ) III .

" Berebeda with SD , for SMP / MTs in Sleman does not exist in the area of ​​KRB III , so we hope that the UN continues to run smoothly and properly . Supervision was still done as operational procedures , " said Head of Sleman District Education Arif Haryono , Monday ( 05/05/2014 ) .
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Arif said that , although still within a safe radius , debriefing awareness for students and teachers has been done since the beginning . Evacuation routes and meeting points were already prepared and disseminated by the Government of Sleman district since raised the status of Merapi .

" Schools in the slopes of Merapi had also provided emergency response training . Exercises mitigation was already quite frequently performs at community and school community , " he added .

According to Arif , all schools in KRB III berradius five kilometers from the peak of Merapi , has been relocated to safer areas . " It was only three schools , and all elementary schools , " said Arif .

Meanwhile , Head of Education , Youth and Sports ( Disdikpora ) DIY Kadarmanta Baskara Aji said, the UN SMP / MTs held 5-8 May 2014 followed by 46 560 students from 521 schools .

Of that total , 15 of these schools to the number of participants SMPLB 40 students . For participants with special needs , there were five blind students of MTs Yaketunis and five low vision students in five different schools .

The students will receive additional processing time about 40 minutes with a maximum of 30 minutes rest period .

" School organizers UN SMP / MTs this year there are 451 schools . Merge the remaining 70 because there are two new schools that have not been accredited and the rest did not qualify the UN organizers have a minimum of 20 student participants of the UN , " said Aji .

On the same day also held the National Education Testing Equality ( UNKP ) B. In the DIY package , test package B followed 1,447 participants .

About the UN has been distributed to the 66 working groups . To UNPK Package B no 34 organizers . " For about the UN SMP / MTs supplied about 20 types of packages , so students in the room will receive the type of matter that is different. For the ' scanning ' ( scan ) examination answer sheets will be conducted at the Education Office of DIY , " he said .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Crude Oil Prices Fall to Lowest Level Month

World oil prices fell on Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) local time (Friday morning GMT ) , due to abundant supply thanks to rising U.S. production and exports rise in Libya .

On the New York Mercantile Exchange , light sweet crude or West Texas Intermediate ( WTI ) for June delivery was down 32 cents at 99.42 dollars per barrel . This position is the lowest level since late March .
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In London trading , oil futures Brent North Sea crude for June delivery fell 31 cents to 107.76 dollars a barrel from Wednesday's close .

Bart Melek of TD Securities said the continued increase in U.S. stockpiles , especially in the refining center in the Gulf of Mexico , have depress the price of crude oil .

On Wednesday , the weekly estimates from the U.S. Department of Energy ( DoE ) for crude oil stocks rose 1.7 million barrels to a record 339.4 million barrels . "The market is seeing a physical oil supplies remain plentiful , " said Tim Evans of Citi Futures .

" The U.S. market does have abundant supplies , due on April 25, crude oil inventories have reached new highs in the last 83 years . Last week buildup in U.S. product inventories add some pressure to the overall bearish shift , " he said .

Downward pressure on prices also came from the estimated resumption of oil exports from the main terminal in the Libyan port of Zueitina which had been closed by the protesters for months .


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Airlangga 4 Prodi Open Simultaneously in Banyuwangi

Universitas Airlangga ( Airlangga University ) , Surabaya , to continue the plan to establish campuses in Banyuwangi , East Java . Chairman Planning and Development University Press Tjitjik Srie Tjahjandari said Airlangga will open at the same four courses in the academic year 2014/2015 .

Four courses were Aquatic Cultivation , Veterinary Medicine , Public Health , and Accounting . Quota of 50 students each study program so that the total capacity of the entire study program reached 200 students . " The selection of the appropriate study program in Banyuwangi potential , " said Tjitjik in Banyuwangi , Monday, April 28, 2014 .

Airlangga University , he said , had obtained a mandate from the Ministry of Education to provide education beyond domicile . Currently waiting for the issuance of permits Airlangga organizing courses of the Directorate General of Higher Education .
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When the exit permit , then the selection of students for the fourth study program in Banyuwangi done nationally through New Student Selection State University ( SMBPTN ) . " SMBPTN Registration begins May 12 to July 6 and July 17 exam . "

Today, the team Airlangga to Banyuwangi outreach to hundreds of high school students in the Regency Hall . Tjitjik hope that many students with socialization Banyuwangi can access and participate in the selection Airlangga .

Tjitjik ensure the delivery of quality Banyuwangi Airlangga University in Surabaya together with its parent . There are at least six full-time lecturers educated S2 to be settled , infrastructure and standards-compliant learning system in campus parent .

Airlangga target in 2017 will build their own lecture building needs at least 30 hectares of land . Lectures while using SMA Negeri 1 Giri building .

Tjitjik ask local colleges do not have to worry with the establishment of Airlangga . Because in addition to the selection of students is done nationally , Airlangga it can be a partner in the development of quality local campus Banyuwangi .

Previously establishment Airlangga University was rejected by the local campus August 17, 1945 ( UNTAG ) , for violating Permendiknas 20/2011 on the Implementation Program in Foreign Domicile College . Article 1 states that Permendiknas Prodi administration should immediately adjacent to the district / city parent campus .

A spokesman for UNTAG , Banyuwangi , Didik Suhariyanto , said the establishment would still refuse Airlangga . UNTAG had sent a letter of protest to the Minister of Education and the House of Representatives . " We send a lot of letters of protest to the central government . " UNTAG mandate to sue letter to the Minister of Education to Airlangga State Administrative Court . According to her credential is considered contrary to Permendiknas 20/2011 .


Monday, April 28, 2014

Request Center All Regional District of Khanewal So Mine

The central government through the Ministry of Environment , asking regency of Karawang , West Java , to prepare a mining permit area ( WIUP ) .
Of the 30 districts , the potential can be extracted entirely mine . However , the central desire not necessarily be granted . Therefore , it would be contrary to the policy of spatial plans ( Spatial ) there .
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Head Bappeda Khanewal district Samsuri say , preparation of mining permit areas refer to the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources ( ESDM ) No. 1204K/30/MEM/2014 on the Determination of Mining Area Map of Java and Bali .
In the issuance of mining maps the Java - Bali , allow 30 districts in Falkirk to be mined . "But , these regulations , we have not been able to be a reference , " he said on Monday ( 28/4 ) .

The reason , further Samsuri , setting the mining area ( WP ) in Karachi have to adjust with the Spatial Province of West Java and Karawang regency .
Incidentally , the existing spatial plan , which may be mined new territory a few, for example, the District Base and Tegalwaru . In addition to the two districts , no Spatial her to be mined .

Spatial Falkirk set out in Regulation 2/2013 has set some areas that contain a lot of potential mining . For instance , in Sub Base with potential limestone . As well , the District Tegalwaru which has a lot of the stones.

Therefore , after dropping the decision of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources , it can not realize all . He explained that the rules still must be adapted to the existing rules .

However, it has launched a spot that can be mined in accordance with the conditions eksistingnya . Namely in the District Base , includes Castle Village , Tamanmekar and partially Village Ciptasari . As for the District Tegalwaru , the proposed area be mined as Mount Sirnalanggeng , Cipaga , and Mount Rungking .

" Although it has been proposed , but we do not have rules about zoning , " he said .

Meanwhile , some residents of Castle Village , Sub Base , balked limestone mining in the region . Because mining is more harmful to society . One of them , the public will be affected by the health of the mining action .

Sanusi ( 38 years ) , a local resident , admitted that he used a limestone miner manually . The reason he's mine , because there are no jobs. However , he was aware of the negative impacts of the mining activities . One of them , the destruction of the environment in the region .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Equipped 4K TVs Panasonic Cloud Technology

Panasonic launches a new category of television , Life + Screen which claimed to represent the future of television and exceeded Smart TV .

4K Ultra HD televisions are equipped with technology that makes it smart cloud to store data .

Panasonic claims that based on the success of My Home Screen feature that was introduced last year , Life + Screens change the user interface and provides a significant improvement in understanding the choice of content to its users .
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" This TV can deliver content recommendation from the best sources , as well as making navigation easier and more intuitive , " advance the Panasonic in a statement on Sunday ( 27/04/2014 ) .

Panasonic claims to have grown significantly in the last 8 years . Hiroyoshi Suga , President of Panasonic Gobel Indonesia , said its main purpose is to realize the slogan ' A Better Life , A Better World ' through innovative products .

" Seeing a stable economic conditions in 2014 , we are confident that we are able to maintain and achieve the target by following the Indonesian government regulation of product standardization ( ISO ) . Through our strategy , we are confident to be the engine of growth in the Asia -Pacific Panasonic Group and contribute to economic development Indonesia , " he said .

To achieve these targets , Panasonic planned business strategy in 2014, which featured the latest product launches , market expansion , and became one of the electronic company took the first step in producing 6 ISO certified products .


So Gerindra Shutter Partners Coalition , MCC Vice President Aims Chairs

PKS will make Gerindra hinted as coalition partners . Gerindra excellence in the eyes of PKS is the party that has written an official letter containing the invitation coalition . The letter was written directly by Prabowo and delivered to the head office of the MCC , Jakarta .

" Compared to the other party , which showed an increase Gerindra yes , because they have been handed the letter and the letter has also been discussed in the forum Shura Council . Shura Council direction , the party that is more convenient , profitable , and desirable ( MCC ) as a coalition partner is when vice can of MCC , " said Shura Council member Ahmad Heryawan MCC MCC office , Jakarta , Sunday, April 27, 2014 .
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Prabowo application to the MCC discussed in the Shura Council MCC today . However , despite the great opportunities open to a coalition with Gerindra , MCC will not reveal who they are proposed as a running mate to potential coalition partners . MCC is also still open coalition with other parties .

Golkar also targeted

Other parties are also considered to be a coalition partner MCC is Golkar . MCC officials had met Golkar chairman Bakrie, as many as three times .

" ( President MCC ) Mr. Anis Matta already spoken several times with ( Hanura Chairman ) Mr Wiranto , ( Chairman of Golkar ) Pak Ical , and ( Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra ) Pak Prabowo . The same is done ( Chairman of the Shura Council MCC ) Mr. Hilmi Amunuddin with the third person , "said MCC Secretary General , Taufik Ridho .

Anis Matta ARB met on 10 and 25 April 2014 . Meanwhile , Hilmi Aminuddin ARB meeting on April 24 . In three meetings, invitation emerging coalition of Golkar limited verbal speech , not writing.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pedicab model Streets Corruption Present at Yogyakarta

Pedicab model of corruption starting on Wednesday ( 23/04/2014 ) , will be found in the streets of the city of Yogyakarta . Was officially launched at the rickshaw parking page Asri Medical Center , Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto 17 , Wirobrajan , Yogyakarta .

Rickshaw was initiated by the Community Development Council ( MPM ) PP Muhammadiyah collaboration with 30 pedicab drivers who are members of the Society of rickshaw Ahmad Dahlan ( Pabelan ) .

Present at the launch of the chairman of Muhammadiyah , Syukrianto and Director of Education and the ministry of the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) , Dedy Arohim represent KPK chairman Abraham Samad .

" It is the spirit of the anti-corruption movement detonate . Though starting from pedicab drivers , but the effect will be a big explosion to free the nation from corruption , " said Syukrianto .

Syukrianto explained , the explosion of anti-corruption movement should start from small things . Does anyone know if this day 30 pedicab drivers begin appearing tomorrow blast triggered movements from below others .

If people have simultaneous start , then the spirit will not be unstoppable . " Tomorrow will pass well to mbok - mbok basket at market , farmers to move anti -corruption , " he said .

He said Indonesia is a rich country . This is evident when there is corruption in various aspects , this country still stands , imagine if there is no corruption of the people would be very prosperous than they are today .

" Any corruption is still ' degeg ' , especially if it is not corrupted . Students can students study for free , " he said .

Syukrianto hope , with the explosion of the anti-corruption Commission rickshaw models stimulated to increasingly sharp , assertive , and powerful in ridding the country of the corrupt .
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30 rickshaws were launched today are all labeled " Free Pollution and Corruption " and " Corruption Damned People " . The two posts are on the left and right side of the rickshaw . In addition , to beautify , roof and body -painted rickshaws motif yellow and brown .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Hadi Purnomo Case May Be Open Other Tax Case

Determination of the former Director General of Taxation Hadi Purnomo as a suspect by the KPK in a corruption case related to the payment of taxes PT Bank Central Asia ( BCA ) is not likely to open up to other cases in the Directorate General of Taxation .

" Maybe later will come again another case relating to the performance of the Directorate General of Taxation which has not been disclosed today , " said Director of Counseling Services and Public Relations Directorate General of Taxation ( Tax Directorate ) of the Ministry of Finance Krismanto when contacted on Monday ( 21/4 / 2014 ) .

" We need to look at such determination ( Hadi Purnomo as a suspect ) . Commission is unlikely to move without good reason , " he said .
As reported , Hadi alleged unlawful conduct in his capacity as the Director General of Taxes 2002-2004 . He alleged misuse of authority related to the petition objection Bank Central Asia ( BCA ) as a taxpayer in 1999 .

When the Bank filed an objection to the tax on non- performance loan is worth Rp 5.7 trillion . Hadi allegedly violated procedure by accepting the objection petition the BCA tax ( read : This Alleged Corruption Case Details Tax Lariat Hadi Purnomo ) .
( Read: anis merah mp3 )

He is suspected of violating Article 2 Paragraph 1 and Article 3 of Law on Corruption Eradication in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code to - 1 . Hadi named as a suspect right on 67th birthday .


Internal PDIP Still Different Opinions About the Declaration of Vice President Jokowi

Senior politicians Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDIP ) , Pramono Anung , revealed that the name of the candidate for vice president ( Vice President ) companion pursed Joko Widodo had three names . The name of the Vice President will be announced around May 5, 2014 .

" Internally PDIP this authority in Bu Mega and Jokowi to decide who will be the vice presidential candidate . So now the count - count is pursing the names that already exist . Three names that hopefully soon be announced , " said Pramod in Parliament Building, Jakarta , Monday, April 21, 2014 .
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The man who was familiarly called Pram was admitted in internal party if there is still a difference in views on the future vice presidential declaration . There cadres who wants declaration after the plenary Commission announced May 5, 2014 General Election coming , and nobody wants announced today .

"As to who it is I am not competent to it ( announced ) , " he said .

According to the Deputy Speaker of the House , the party will also seek input from relevant Nasdem Party leadership candidate for vice president Jokowi .

" The names that have been circulating vice . Hopefully the public will merepon positive , " he said .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Police: Robber Similar to the gas station in Yogyakarta Semarang

Criminal Investigation Unit ( Satreskrim ) Semarang Police so far have not managed to uncover armed robberies at gas stations Jambu , Ambarawa happened last mid March 2014 .

The police can only surmise that the same robbers Guava gas stations with armed robbery in Yogyakarta . Allegations were obtained from the similarity in the characteristics of the perpetrator .

" The characteristics of the perpetrator and it looks like we've got nothing in common with the group action on the scene in three Yogkakarta , " said Police Chief Semarang , Chief Augustine Berlianto Pangaribuan , Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) .

The similarity of these characteristics , the police chief said , among other things dilakukkannya same mode . A bullet which was found also identical . Thus , it was strongly suspected that the perpetrators are crippling foreman gas station and made ​​off with the money of Rp 200 million it leads to the same group .

" Mode and the same projectile . Weapons used possibly improvised , " he said .

Back when asked if anything to do with the terrorist network ? Police can not confirm it . Cause is still under investigation .

He was informed there is a possibility the case will be taken over Ditreskrimum Central Java Police , because it is estimated there are similarities with a number of robberies in Yogyakarta and other cities .

" We know it's not purely a criminal or terrorist . If it is clear that there are similarities with the group in action in other areas . Later his LP ( statements ) may be withdrawn Central Java Police , " he concluded .

Can be informed , Monday ( 03/17/2014 ) at 09.30 pm last four armed robbers robbed a gas station at Jalan Jambu Ambarawa - Magelang Km 4 .
( Read: perawatan burung cucak ijo )

Performers come rode motorcycles , immediately surrounded the Suzuki Carry nopol H 9430 foreman DM -owned gas stations Suyanto ( 38 ) resident Tingkir , Salatiga who happened to be refueled before leaving for Syariah Mandiri bank to deposit money from the sale of fuel . Suyanto legs perpetrator shot and robbed of money bag containing approximately USD 200 million .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cooperate with LG , Samsung Build Ecosystem For Tizen and webOS HTML5

Two electronics and smartphone companies based in South Korea , namely LG and Samsung entered into cooperative relationships to build HTML5 ecosystem for Tizen and WebOS . It is based on mutual emphasize that HTML5 has been embraced by the mobile and TV platforms , and expect the application developers to participate in building HTML5 ecosystem together in their devices .

Reporting from tizenindonesia.blogspot , Samsung is currently very active in encouraging the expansion of the HTML5 ecosystem through the operating system ( OS ) Tizen , which they will use for all their electronic products in the future . Tizen OS is now used on the latest Samsung devices werable Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo and ranks Smart Camera Mirrorless coming in the NX series , like the NX300 , NX300M , NX2000 and others . Samsung expects to be able to expand the use of Tizen to Smart TVs and home appliances products in this year .
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Meanwhile , LG has launched the WebOS -based Smart TV at CES 2014 electronics exhibition in Las Vegas in early January 2014 . Strengths -based webOS Smart TV lies in its ability to run different web browsers such as mobile devices . LG plans to expand the use of WebOS in the future , not only on TV but also all the devices connected to the Internet ( IOT ) such as smartphones , tablets and wearable devices . Therefore , LG and Samsung are both expanding HTML5 ecosystem for webOS and Izen to use smart devices they created .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Demand Increase in allowance, Clerk Strike

Solidarity actions demanded higher allowances replacement work done by clerks in all Indonesian court .

In Semarang , merit increase solidarity action requested is not compact . Only a handful of people who dare and to strike at the Semarang District Court . Solidarity action is triggered due to low employment benefits clerks .

According Suroso Windu , one of the clerks , employment benefits only Rp 300,000 per month . It is considered not worth the workload doubled and much of allowances of judges around Rp 8 million .

" Our plan is to do an act of solidarity in the weeks ahead. Majority already are breaking down. To that end , we will talk started when serentaknya action , " said Suroso in Semarang , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

According to him , at the Semarang District Court today there are at least 45 clerks who planned to strike . If the agreed strike , threatened court proceedings stalled .

"Today , we reject the criminal trial . Judges already said yes and we prayed , but he asked that the hearing was held fixed , " said one of the clerks , Angelina P Utami SH .

There are at least four claims submitted to the Supreme Court . First , the increase in employee remuneration MA benefits , the realization of functional improvement allowances clerks and bailiffs , and improved promotion and career substitute clerks and bailiffs .

PN head Semarang , Maryana not aware of any strike from substitute clerks . If this is done , the wheel will be severely impaired hearing .

" If that happens , I forbid strike . Accordance vision MA , gives excellent service in the search for justice . Tuntuan Problem benefits discussed alone . Strike as a last resort . If there were to strike , we will call for love understanding and discussion , " said the number one at the Semarang court on Wednesday .

Mariyana also mentioned particulars employment benefits obtained clerks . He added, employment benefits clerks are correct . He can not believe the difference in benefits plans to lead the clerks strike .
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" The unequal benefits between what , if judges to clerks . Worldwide ya so . Clerk typists like . Judge bigger , it's natural . If you would like to have half of it is not logical . Clerk of more local people than judge outsiders . Problem workload , the workload is the same , " he concluded .


Saudi Arabia's intelligence chief Backward

Saudi Arabia's intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan reportedly resign from his post. This resignation, in a royal decree, known as Bandar personal request.

Quoted by Al Jazeera, Wednesday, April 16, 2014, the position of Saudi intelligence chief was replaced by vice-Bandar, the Yousef al-Idrissi. Bandar, who also once served as Saudi ambassador to the United States. He is regarded as one of the most influential politicians in the Middle East.
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This resignation also reportedly been linked to health conditions. He is known to have gone abroad for a few months for health reasons. However, no further information on this subject.

Currently his responsibilities in supporting rebels fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad delivered to Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef.

 who also once served as Saudi ambassador to the United States. He is regarded as one of the most influential politicians in the Middle East.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Democrats: We do not want to be careless with safari Politics

Democrats said it would focus more tasks completed during the reign of the next 6 months . Therefore , Democrats will not be too active guerrilla political support to the various parties to confront the Presidential Election 2014.

According to the Chairman of the Democrat Party Achsanul Qosasi , which is important for the party is giving a good end to the government of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono .

" We have been running this mandate nearly 10 years . Khusnul khotimah We want as many leaders who failed to experience in the end to his leadership . Thing people remembered it was not how to start , but how to put an end to his leadership , " said Achsanul in Jakarta , Monday ( 14/4 / 2014 ) .

He considered that there are still many people who support the Democratic Party . Society , he continued , have started to understand that the onslaught of corruption cases that occurred some time ago only done by unscrupulous parties . Therefore, the Democrats would appreciate the public trust .

" The decision to form a coalition and opposition in politics , both noble and honorable decision . We do not want to be careless with safari as worried about not goto the political positions , " said Achsanul .

Democrats , he said , just want to focus on working to provide the good of the people so that they can be remembered . Member of House Commission XI also revealed that his party will continue to communicate to anyone the winner of this election . Democrats , recognized Achsanul , nor the next administration will insinuate .
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Earlier, Chairman of the Democratic Party Yudhoyono party conceded defeat and congratulated the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) , the Golkar Party and the Gerindra get sound over the Democratic Party . SBY also received the vote his party this time far below the Democrat Party in Election 2009. In the compass on a quick count , the Democratic Party was fourth with 9.4 percent a voice .


Friday, April 11, 2014

TELKOM IndiHome Movie Mania Card Present, Offer Free Watch at Cinema 21 and XXI

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia , Tbk has recently launched a breakthrough innovation IndiHome Movie Mania Card . Through collaboration with the Cinema 21 and XXI , IndiHome Movie Mania This card can be used across network theaters 21 and XXI .

To provide socialization will IndiHome Movie Mania advantages of this card , Telkom also known to have invited customers to register a new service to watch a movie together IndiHome Box Office .

As with the current launch schedule IndiHome Movie Mania Card in Cinema XXI Plaza Senayan , Jakarta , where Telkom is invited to watch together Captain America movie premiere of "The Winter Soldier " and will continue until the end of 2014 . Vice President of Consumer Marketing & Sales Telkom , Jemy Confido said , "The program is specifically for customers IndiHome held simultaneously from today until the end of 2014, " he said on the sidelines of the event , ( 04/01/2014 ) .
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Captain America Movie Fans IndiHome ManiaCard

Through the launch activities IndiHome Movie Mania Card , Jemy Confido explained that it is to increase the intimacy between Telkom and the public , especially customers IndiHome . Movie Mania Card IndiHome is thought to form part of Telkom's awareness of customers and make IndiHome customers can enjoy free box office movies . " Telkom continues to provide added value to its products , " said Jemy .

Carrying the tagline " More Fun More Efficient " customers will be spoiled by watching Free of IndiHome facility . To obtain 1 IndiHome Movie Mania card , customers simply subscribe IndiHome a way to come to Plasa Telkom , calls to 147 or via the website , then register via email to . For every customer who subscribe IndiHome through the channel will get IndiHome Movie Mania Card with 4X watch free facility .

IndiHome Movie Mania Card valid at XXI and 21 theaters across Indonesia for the following films :
1 . Captain America " The Winter Solider "
2 . The Amazing Spiderman 2
3 . X - MEN " Days of Future Past "
4 . The Disney 's Maleficient
5 . Transformers : Age of Extinction
6 . Guardians of the Galaxy
7 . The Hobbit : There and Back Again

Symbolic handover IndihomeMovieManiaCard

For information , services IndiHome a multi- product bundling Telkom offers a complete solution for residential customers ( Digital Home Experience ) consisting of : Package Home Phone + Broadband + Internet Package Content Package

Through IndiHome , Telkom is trying to increase the value of each product . " With IndiHome home telephone customers can use freely both for local , long distance , or calls to Telkomsel , Speedy broadband internet using wifi at home with free quota , watch a favorite show that can pause, rewind , replay and playback up to 7 days to back to UseeTV , and music download services , anti- virus , and home monitoring . IndiHome is a service that provides the most complete and Digital Home Experience terhemat , "said Confido Jemy .

In the 2014 's , believes Jemy IndiHome services will continue to grow , given the internal and external factors are very supportive . Internal factors , namely the means of production are owned Telkom has met the existing capacity , a complete channel sales and promotions that will be improved . While external factors , namely the improvement in purchasing power along with the recovery in the economies of Indonesia and the growing need for information and edutainment via the internet .


Typhoon Ita with Speed ​​300 MPH North Queensland Approach

Australia's Bureau of Meteorology said storms that have category five Cyclone Ita is nearing the end of the coast of North Queensland , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) . Worse , the Typhoon does not show signs of weakening .
Ita storm is expected to hit the mainland on Friday ( 11/4 ) afternoon between Cape Melville and Cape Tribulation , along with a high tide .

According to the weather bureau , the storm was bringing dangerous winds with speeds up to 300 km / h in around its center .
Residents of Cooktown , Ivan Juff , say , the local residents were worried but he decided to stay .

The weather bureau said , this storm is the most powerful near- coastal Queensland since Cyclone Yasi in 2011 .
Be warned that the Cassowary Coast may be washed up to 300 millimeters of rainfall every six hours for several days after Hurricane Ita arrived .

At 8:50 am local time ( Friday, 11/04/2014 ) storms that have devastated the Solomon Islands was estimated to be 220 ​​kilometers northeast of Cooktown and 370 kilometers north of Cairns , and moving toward the northwest at 10 kilometers per hours .

Cassowary Coast from the weather bureau said , Ita pose a serious threat to coastal communities .
The authorities in the region said they were prepared for the possibility of power failure up to a month in some communities .
Rescue teams and emergency volunteers on alert in Cooktown and Cairns .

Cooktown residents warned that the houses were built before 1985 may not be able to survive the storm Ita .
It is estimated that one-third occupancy in the town of 2400 people, it may be vulnerable to hurricanes , and Campbell Newman Queensland Chief Minister urged the residents of these homes in order to seek refuge elsewhere .
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Newman warns , Cyclone Ita potentially large storm similar to Hurricane Haiyan in the Philippines last November . He said the category five storm so devastating .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mother of application options, Bring the Baby More Skilled

Choosing the right applications for children somewhat tricky. Many anyway, but whether our children will enjoy it. Or if examined closely, whether the application will benefit the growth and development of our children?

Android with diverse ecosystems provide many interesting applications. Some of them will be discussed in this paper. Mothers who are confused in choosing an application can implement it in the phone and Android tablet yours. Related processors, these applications can run up on Android with Intel chipsets.

1. PicsArt for Kids
Developer: PicsArt
Price: Free
Min Requirements: Android 2.1

PicsArt For Kids

You may have to use PicsArt application. A flagship product one of the major vendors could use these apps as one of the attractions in creating, editing photos and show it off to others through the same application. But that's not what will be discussed.

PicsArt have quite a lot of derivative products. Everything related to the image, photo manipulation, or not far away from the image deh. Well one of them is PicsArt for Kid. Was how could the children use PicsArt, while the parents are just sometimes get lost in its features, right? Hehe .. This PicsArt for children, so function was adjusted. Not anymore editing, but rather to a coloring application with interesting pictures.

PicsArt For Kids 1

There are several groups of pictures that can be colored by our children, ranging from dinosaurs, to a variety of birds. They certainly do not need to coloring with accurate, let their imagination and we can calmly watch drama and favorite sinetro without their interference.

Because merely display a graphic, then we need a capable Android phone. Some phones with Intel processors can display optimally.

2. AM Preschool Games
Developer: Greysprings Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Price: Free
Min Requirements: Android 4.0

AM Preschool Games

No more need to feel completely wrong if you include the mother who has a child under school age! If you want them to go to school but hindered by various obstacles, such as the time, the feeling was we was even able to set aside funds. The important thing our kids can do positive things in the house. One of them moved at preschool apps Games.

GS Pre School

Forget racing game, or violence that is often played by children early age, here you will be offered a number of interesting games and educate children. You as a mom can keep an eye on the game or so opponents in the game.

There are about 10 games played absorbed by your children. Everything is back to show graphics. Although it does not carry a lot of complex images or 3D images to bring millions of polygons, but you will need a phone with a capable screen and also the best processor as made by Intel.

3. Gelato Mania
Developer: Vanilla Breeze Co.., Ltd.
Price: Free
Min Requirements: Android 3.0

Gelato Mania

Well that is probably a little advanced. But the idea of ​​Gelato Mania game is not new and also used to play when the editor of PULSE was in kindergarten. This game is a puzzle game sbeenarnya. Where the player is given an example of the composition of gelato, gelato and then challenged construct exactly the same sample gelato.

Your child may have enjoyed as a snack that is delicious gelato. With these ideas, then gelato can be one of their reasons to keep playing and honing their brains in this game. The level of difficulty is high enough when the game had long scrolling may jeopardize your child to accompany it fixed and occasional help them solve the problem. (see also: pakan burung parkit)

 Gelato Mania 1

Good image display and colorful requires a slick performance processor for graphics processing. All Android can run it, but if you want maximum results, you can choose an Android phone with the optimization of multicore processors such as those made by Intel for the products of Samsung, Asus and Lenovo.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Facebook CEO salary Preview-join Depreciation

Salary CEO and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg went along with the declining trend of shrinkage as high-ranking corporate salary of the world . The same thing happens in Google .
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A year ago , Facebook pay salary of 1 dollar for Zuckerberg , write pages Bangkok Post on Tuesday ( 04/01/2014 ) . This data is derived from documents capital markets , yesterday .

Meanwhile , the same documents released data on Facebook 's annual meeting . From the document , contained notes that Facebook pay full compensation for Zuckerberg of 653 165 U.S. dollars . This figure is down from the position in 2012 amounted to 1.99 million U.S. dollars . Most of the compensation fund is a personal journey by private jet paid by the company .

Meanwhile , of stock options in 2013 , Zuckerberg reap funding to 3.3 billion U.S. dollars . Because the funds that , according to Forbes magazine's Mark Zuckerberg is still the largest shareholder in Facebook . Total shares on Facebook according to the magazine reached 26.7 billion U.S. dollars .

Read: Being one of the largest CEO salaries, are likely to be separated from the title of social media Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. Because the news has just emerged that says the young CEO's salary is lower than last year.

Based on the news reported by AFP, this trend also occurs in other Internet industry bosses including Google.

This social networking site last year to pay U.S. $ 1 per share, bringing the total to Zuckerberg to get 653 165 U.S. dollars, down from the year 2012 to reach 1.99 million.

That year, Zuckerberg did not receive bonuses or stock options. However, despite the mentioned revenue down, Zuckerberg was still able to collect the coffers by 3.3 billion U.S. dollars of its stock options.
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Additionally, he is still a shareholder of Facebook with a fortune of 26.7 billion dollars, according to Forbes written news.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Solomon's judgment about Wadden Sea salt

Today , Tuesday, February 4 , offer of Nature , RSPB and Wadden Society during the Trilateral Wadden Sea Conference in the Danish T√łnder participants to salty liquorice . With this move , the nature of their organizations call on Secretary Sharon Dijksma extra power to grant under the Wadden Sea salt . Nature no license (see also: obat burung)

Dijksma appointed during the conference as president of the international Wadden Sea Board , the trilateral cooperation between the Wadden Sea countries, the Netherlands , Germany and Denmark . With the trilateral cooperation , the countries to pursue a natural Wadden Sea . In the coming weeks, the Secretary of State to decide whether Frisia , part of Esco European Salt Company , get a license for the production of natural salt under the World Heritage . To ask for the harmful effects of salt on the Wadden Sea and shorebirds attention launch the nature organizations Tuesday the animated short film "Let the flats not drop ." They ask the conference participants and others through Facebook and Twitter sharing. The animated

" Salt does not belong in the Wadden Sea World , the largest and most important coastal tidal area in Europe , 'says Regional Director Wilfred Alblasgracht of Nature . The bottom of the Wadden Sea will drop by salt and change . Flats normally dry out , then threaten to drown . Thus Ballastplaat , an important feeding area for migratory birds , most likely will largely disappear. Frisia indicates that the plates by sedimentation increase again . It is not to be expected that the food quality of the record will be silted equally well. Major changes in the Wadden Sea have implications for the survival of tens of thousands of wading birds. " For example, for Knots , " explains Fred Wouters from RSPB . " Beautiful coppery birds flying to the Wadden Sea in large groups from their breeding grounds in the far north . After a journey of thousand miles they come to completely emaciated . They need to refuel , to fly to their wintering grounds in Africa. " Another thousand miles six weeks later

The environmental organizations have expressed their concerns to the UN organization UNESCO and to the House . The bird richness of the Wadden Sea is an important pillar of the World Heritage status of the Wadden Sea . UNESCO granted World Heritage status and monitors . Several members of the House spoke earlier wanting contact under the salt flats. From any risks In a motion adopted Labour MPs Fox Jacobi and urged the government to provide for salt at the slightest doubt impact on the nature of license. In response to the concerns expressed , the Secretary Frisia recently asked for more information to be able to make . Thorough consideration Frisia came up with answers , but not with new facts . The initial investigation by the independent Dutch Institute for Sea Research ( NIOZ ) shows that the risks are too great for nature .
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" Dijksma must now pass a judgment of Solomon . " Concludes Alblas . " The problem of gas extraction in Groningen shows that the prediction of ground effects in underground mining is not easy. The value of the Wadden Sea for international migration is too big to put on the line and there are sufficient alternative sources of salt available . Esco has twenty zoutwinlocaties in Europe and in the Ems discharge German energy companies , due to gas storage in underground salt domes , salt was pumped into the sea unused . It would be nice if the Secretary of State as the new chairman of the trilateral cooperation as its first action makes the decision that salt under the World Heritage can not.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Various Types Water Plants Sri fortune

There are Various Types Water Plants Sri fortune that you can plant to decorate your yard, such as a few examples of the plants below, Plants sri fortune is kind of plants moist, so a little like sunshine. Even if you can not be exposed to direct sunlight. This plant does not have a solid stem, making it easy to wilt when water shortages. However, these plants do not like stagnant water, because the roots and stems will rot.
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Crops kinds Sri fortune

It was the type of Various Water Plants Sri fortune that we can use to decorate the home page, not so much gan,,? we live just choose which one in love, these plants can be found in stores ornamental plants that surround our homes.

Hopefully this article useful.
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In addition to hobbyists and ornaments, there were a few tables of Ornamental Plants Benefits For Physical And Spiritual Health, as I will discuss on this occasion, indirectly owns plants in the house has a lot of incentives tablets, not just a mere hobby, or decorate a page or decorate the room alone, and do not consciously aware, many plants have been fossilized in human life, why,,,?? Just read his article to the wrong yah gan,,, and definitely going to see his answers.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

After Danang kill cats, social media scene hunter of wild dogs

Social networking scene after Danang Sutowijoyo proudly upload photos action killing kittens . The kitten was killed after being shot in Danang using a rifle from a distance of 20 meters .
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Similar cases of Danang , once again bustling social networking Facebook group members ' Lovers & Preserver Dog ' , Mario Raditya upload pictures of dog murder stemming from a Facebook account Rawi Abu Bakr . In the photos , the dogs were killed by being shot using a rifle .

According to Mario , the action taken by Abu Bakr Rawi highly inappropriate . "I think this photo is an act of cruelty and killing of dogs , I could these photos from fb person imaginable who photographed proudly displaying photos of this murder as a profile picture why I say murder because if called photo hunting dogs who must not be target .

although they did have such a wild dog is the way to handle it in my opinion much more humane way if it is proved diseased stray dogs can be euthanized but who are still healthy if you can look at tembakin adopter not like this , "wrote Mario in a group that has 3,335 members this last February 19 . search inside account of Abu Bakr , Monday ( 3/3 ) , which concerned the results of the hunt often post photos to facebook . Start of birds , lizards , ferrets to the wild dogs . Hunting is mostly done in Abu Bakr Marunda forest .
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In one photograph , Abu Bakar revealed the reason for the murder of stray dogs . " Wild Dog Din Bolang.matiin chicken bro ... And then people like chase through sendirian.makaNya told org Shoot , " Abu Bakr replied when asked about the picture .