Friday, April 11, 2014

TELKOM IndiHome Movie Mania Card Present, Offer Free Watch at Cinema 21 and XXI

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia , Tbk has recently launched a breakthrough innovation IndiHome Movie Mania Card . Through collaboration with the Cinema 21 and XXI , IndiHome Movie Mania This card can be used across network theaters 21 and XXI .

To provide socialization will IndiHome Movie Mania advantages of this card , Telkom also known to have invited customers to register a new service to watch a movie together IndiHome Box Office .

As with the current launch schedule IndiHome Movie Mania Card in Cinema XXI Plaza Senayan , Jakarta , where Telkom is invited to watch together Captain America movie premiere of "The Winter Soldier " and will continue until the end of 2014 . Vice President of Consumer Marketing & Sales Telkom , Jemy Confido said , "The program is specifically for customers IndiHome held simultaneously from today until the end of 2014, " he said on the sidelines of the event , ( 04/01/2014 ) .
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Captain America Movie Fans IndiHome ManiaCard

Through the launch activities IndiHome Movie Mania Card , Jemy Confido explained that it is to increase the intimacy between Telkom and the public , especially customers IndiHome . Movie Mania Card IndiHome is thought to form part of Telkom's awareness of customers and make IndiHome customers can enjoy free box office movies . " Telkom continues to provide added value to its products , " said Jemy .

Carrying the tagline " More Fun More Efficient " customers will be spoiled by watching Free of IndiHome facility . To obtain 1 IndiHome Movie Mania card , customers simply subscribe IndiHome a way to come to Plasa Telkom , calls to 147 or via the website , then register via email to . For every customer who subscribe IndiHome through the channel will get IndiHome Movie Mania Card with 4X watch free facility .

IndiHome Movie Mania Card valid at XXI and 21 theaters across Indonesia for the following films :
1 . Captain America " The Winter Solider "
2 . The Amazing Spiderman 2
3 . X - MEN " Days of Future Past "
4 . The Disney 's Maleficient
5 . Transformers : Age of Extinction
6 . Guardians of the Galaxy
7 . The Hobbit : There and Back Again

Symbolic handover IndihomeMovieManiaCard

For information , services IndiHome a multi- product bundling Telkom offers a complete solution for residential customers ( Digital Home Experience ) consisting of : Package Home Phone + Broadband + Internet Package Content Package

Through IndiHome , Telkom is trying to increase the value of each product . " With IndiHome home telephone customers can use freely both for local , long distance , or calls to Telkomsel , Speedy broadband internet using wifi at home with free quota , watch a favorite show that can pause, rewind , replay and playback up to 7 days to back to UseeTV , and music download services , anti- virus , and home monitoring . IndiHome is a service that provides the most complete and Digital Home Experience terhemat , "said Confido Jemy .

In the 2014 's , believes Jemy IndiHome services will continue to grow , given the internal and external factors are very supportive . Internal factors , namely the means of production are owned Telkom has met the existing capacity , a complete channel sales and promotions that will be improved . While external factors , namely the improvement in purchasing power along with the recovery in the economies of Indonesia and the growing need for information and edutainment via the internet .


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