Sunday, April 27, 2014

So Gerindra Shutter Partners Coalition , MCC Vice President Aims Chairs

PKS will make Gerindra hinted as coalition partners . Gerindra excellence in the eyes of PKS is the party that has written an official letter containing the invitation coalition . The letter was written directly by Prabowo and delivered to the head office of the MCC , Jakarta .

" Compared to the other party , which showed an increase Gerindra yes , because they have been handed the letter and the letter has also been discussed in the forum Shura Council . Shura Council direction , the party that is more convenient , profitable , and desirable ( MCC ) as a coalition partner is when vice can of MCC , " said Shura Council member Ahmad Heryawan MCC MCC office , Jakarta , Sunday, April 27, 2014 .
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Prabowo application to the MCC discussed in the Shura Council MCC today . However , despite the great opportunities open to a coalition with Gerindra , MCC will not reveal who they are proposed as a running mate to potential coalition partners . MCC is also still open coalition with other parties .

Golkar also targeted

Other parties are also considered to be a coalition partner MCC is Golkar . MCC officials had met Golkar chairman Bakrie, as many as three times .

" ( President MCC ) Mr. Anis Matta already spoken several times with ( Hanura Chairman ) Mr Wiranto , ( Chairman of Golkar ) Pak Ical , and ( Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra ) Pak Prabowo . The same is done ( Chairman of the Shura Council MCC ) Mr. Hilmi Amunuddin with the third person , "said MCC Secretary General , Taufik Ridho .

Anis Matta ARB met on 10 and 25 April 2014 . Meanwhile , Hilmi Aminuddin ARB meeting on April 24 . In three meetings, invitation emerging coalition of Golkar limited verbal speech , not writing.


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