Friday, April 18, 2014

Police: Robber Similar to the gas station in Yogyakarta Semarang

Criminal Investigation Unit ( Satreskrim ) Semarang Police so far have not managed to uncover armed robberies at gas stations Jambu , Ambarawa happened last mid March 2014 .

The police can only surmise that the same robbers Guava gas stations with armed robbery in Yogyakarta . Allegations were obtained from the similarity in the characteristics of the perpetrator .

" The characteristics of the perpetrator and it looks like we've got nothing in common with the group action on the scene in three Yogkakarta , " said Police Chief Semarang , Chief Augustine Berlianto Pangaribuan , Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) .

The similarity of these characteristics , the police chief said , among other things dilakukkannya same mode . A bullet which was found also identical . Thus , it was strongly suspected that the perpetrators are crippling foreman gas station and made ​​off with the money of Rp 200 million it leads to the same group .

" Mode and the same projectile . Weapons used possibly improvised , " he said .

Back when asked if anything to do with the terrorist network ? Police can not confirm it . Cause is still under investigation .

He was informed there is a possibility the case will be taken over Ditreskrimum Central Java Police , because it is estimated there are similarities with a number of robberies in Yogyakarta and other cities .

" We know it's not purely a criminal or terrorist . If it is clear that there are similarities with the group in action in other areas . Later his LP ( statements ) may be withdrawn Central Java Police , " he concluded .

Can be informed , Monday ( 03/17/2014 ) at 09.30 pm last four armed robbers robbed a gas station at Jalan Jambu Ambarawa - Magelang Km 4 .
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Performers come rode motorcycles , immediately surrounded the Suzuki Carry nopol H 9430 foreman DM -owned gas stations Suyanto ( 38 ) resident Tingkir , Salatiga who happened to be refueled before leaving for Syariah Mandiri bank to deposit money from the sale of fuel . Suyanto legs perpetrator shot and robbed of money bag containing approximately USD 200 million .


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