Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mother of application options, Bring the Baby More Skilled

Choosing the right applications for children somewhat tricky. Many anyway, but whether our children will enjoy it. Or if examined closely, whether the application will benefit the growth and development of our children?

Android with diverse ecosystems provide many interesting applications. Some of them will be discussed in this paper. Mothers who are confused in choosing an application can implement it in the phone and Android tablet yours. Related processors, these applications can run up on Android with Intel chipsets.

1. PicsArt for Kids
Developer: PicsArt
Price: Free
Min Requirements: Android 2.1

PicsArt For Kids

You may have to use PicsArt application. A flagship product one of the major vendors could use these apps as one of the attractions in creating, editing photos and show it off to others through the same application. But that's not what will be discussed.

PicsArt have quite a lot of derivative products. Everything related to the image, photo manipulation, or not far away from the image deh. Well one of them is PicsArt for Kid. Was how could the children use PicsArt, while the parents are just sometimes get lost in its features, right? Hehe .. This PicsArt for children, so function was adjusted. Not anymore editing, but rather to a coloring application with interesting pictures.

PicsArt For Kids 1

There are several groups of pictures that can be colored by our children, ranging from dinosaurs, to a variety of birds. They certainly do not need to coloring with accurate, let their imagination and we can calmly watch drama and favorite sinetro without their interference.

Because merely display a graphic, then we need a capable Android phone. Some phones with Intel processors can display optimally.

2. AM Preschool Games
Developer: Greysprings Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Price: Free
Min Requirements: Android 4.0

AM Preschool Games

No more need to feel completely wrong if you include the mother who has a child under school age! If you want them to go to school but hindered by various obstacles, such as the time, the feeling was we was even able to set aside funds. The important thing our kids can do positive things in the house. One of them moved at preschool apps Games.

GS Pre School

Forget racing game, or violence that is often played by children early age, here you will be offered a number of interesting games and educate children. You as a mom can keep an eye on the game or so opponents in the game.

There are about 10 games played absorbed by your children. Everything is back to show graphics. Although it does not carry a lot of complex images or 3D images to bring millions of polygons, but you will need a phone with a capable screen and also the best processor as made by Intel.

3. Gelato Mania
Developer: Vanilla Breeze Co.., Ltd.
Price: Free
Min Requirements: Android 3.0

Gelato Mania

Well that is probably a little advanced. But the idea of ​​Gelato Mania game is not new and also used to play when the editor of PULSE was in kindergarten. This game is a puzzle game sbeenarnya. Where the player is given an example of the composition of gelato, gelato and then challenged construct exactly the same sample gelato.

Your child may have enjoyed as a snack that is delicious gelato. With these ideas, then gelato can be one of their reasons to keep playing and honing their brains in this game. The level of difficulty is high enough when the game had long scrolling may jeopardize your child to accompany it fixed and occasional help them solve the problem. (see also: pakan burung parkit)

 Gelato Mania 1

Good image display and colorful requires a slick performance processor for graphics processing. All Android can run it, but if you want maximum results, you can choose an Android phone with the optimization of multicore processors such as those made by Intel for the products of Samsung, Asus and Lenovo.


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