Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Demand Increase in allowance, Clerk Strike

Solidarity actions demanded higher allowances replacement work done by clerks in all Indonesian court .

In Semarang , merit increase solidarity action requested is not compact . Only a handful of people who dare and to strike at the Semarang District Court . Solidarity action is triggered due to low employment benefits clerks .

According Suroso Windu , one of the clerks , employment benefits only Rp 300,000 per month . It is considered not worth the workload doubled and much of allowances of judges around Rp 8 million .

" Our plan is to do an act of solidarity in the weeks ahead. Majority already are breaking down. To that end , we will talk started when serentaknya action , " said Suroso in Semarang , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

According to him , at the Semarang District Court today there are at least 45 clerks who planned to strike . If the agreed strike , threatened court proceedings stalled .

"Today , we reject the criminal trial . Judges already said yes and we prayed , but he asked that the hearing was held fixed , " said one of the clerks , Angelina P Utami SH .

There are at least four claims submitted to the Supreme Court . First , the increase in employee remuneration MA benefits , the realization of functional improvement allowances clerks and bailiffs , and improved promotion and career substitute clerks and bailiffs .

PN head Semarang , Maryana not aware of any strike from substitute clerks . If this is done , the wheel will be severely impaired hearing .

" If that happens , I forbid strike . Accordance vision MA , gives excellent service in the search for justice . Tuntuan Problem benefits discussed alone . Strike as a last resort . If there were to strike , we will call for love understanding and discussion , " said the number one at the Semarang court on Wednesday .

Mariyana also mentioned particulars employment benefits obtained clerks . He added, employment benefits clerks are correct . He can not believe the difference in benefits plans to lead the clerks strike .
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" The unequal benefits between what , if judges to clerks . Worldwide ya so . Clerk typists like . Judge bigger , it's natural . If you would like to have half of it is not logical . Clerk of more local people than judge outsiders . Problem workload , the workload is the same , " he concluded .


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