Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cooperate with LG , Samsung Build Ecosystem For Tizen and webOS HTML5

Two electronics and smartphone companies based in South Korea , namely LG and Samsung entered into cooperative relationships to build HTML5 ecosystem for Tizen and WebOS . It is based on mutual emphasize that HTML5 has been embraced by the mobile and TV platforms , and expect the application developers to participate in building HTML5 ecosystem together in their devices .

Reporting from tizenindonesia.blogspot , Samsung is currently very active in encouraging the expansion of the HTML5 ecosystem through the operating system ( OS ) Tizen , which they will use for all their electronic products in the future . Tizen OS is now used on the latest Samsung devices werable Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo and ranks Smart Camera Mirrorless coming in the NX series , like the NX300 , NX300M , NX2000 and others . Samsung expects to be able to expand the use of Tizen to Smart TVs and home appliances products in this year .
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Meanwhile , LG has launched the WebOS -based Smart TV at CES 2014 electronics exhibition in Las Vegas in early January 2014 . Strengths -based webOS Smart TV lies in its ability to run different web browsers such as mobile devices . LG plans to expand the use of WebOS in the future , not only on TV but also all the devices connected to the Internet ( IOT ) such as smartphones , tablets and wearable devices . Therefore , LG and Samsung are both expanding HTML5 ecosystem for webOS and Izen to use smart devices they created .


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