Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A group of Chamber Member Support Jokowi-JK

A group of businessmen who are under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Kadin ) said it supported the presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates and Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla .

They argued the couple , especially Jusuf Kalla , experienced in managing the economy.
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" We saw the same vision and perception to support him sincerely , there is no any interest , " said the chairman of the business community is also Vice Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs , Yugi Priyanto , at Headquarters Jokowi Centre , Menteng , Wednesday ( 28 / 5/2014 ) .

Yugi said it is ready to win Jokowi- JK in the presidential election . When asked about the funds that will be disbursed to Jokowi - JK , he said it is tentative .

" The concrete , we opened our network spread 33 provincial organizations that we shaded . We will also distribute banners and banners for promotional purposes , " said Yugi .

He also said that Jokowi and JK have the same background . Jokowi is a furniture businessman once the largest furniture export in Solo , Central Java is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Solo . While Kalla is heavy industry entrepreneur who is also a former national chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of South Sulawesi province .

The declaration was made ​​in house Founder of PT Mustika Ratu , which is used as the headquarters Mooryati Soedibjo Jokowi Centre . Mooryati daughter , Princess Kuswisnu Wardani is currently the President Director of PT Mustika Ratu also joined the volunteer businessmen .

In addition , the younger brother Jusuf Kalla , Halim Kalla also joined the advisory board and sit . Another businessman who joined the Chamber of Commerce is the Waketum like Bambang Sujagat , Natsir Mansour , Hari Sukamdani , Budyarto Linggowiyono .

Former Chairman of the National Mandate Party once employers , Soetrisno Bachir also joined .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Shorted, SD in Manado Burned Building

Fire broke out in the city of Manado , on Monday ( 5/26/2014 ) morning . An elementary school building ( SD ) 61 and the houses are located in the Village of East Mahakeret , District Wenang , sold engulfed in the flames .

From the information gathered , the fire originated from the family home Kaeng Lumenta . Time of the incident , the homeowner was not in place . Strong suspicion that the fire ignited by a short circuit or a short circuit of the electrical installation of the house because it is unstable .

" Electricity die every moment on, every day there was a sudden blackout . Probably because it is unstable , so shorting , " said Meity , a resident who was on the scene .
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A total of five fire trucks from Manado City Government deployed to tackle the fire . New fire under control after two hours of blazing because the entrance to the site is very narrow making it difficult for officers .

Meanwhile , teaching and learning activities in SD 61 had to be stopped due to damaged several rooms on fire .

" The room library , class three and class four sold out on fire . Tomorrow we are thinking of new temporary relocation of students to another building , " said Chief of SD 61 , Mary Sundalangi .

Although there were no casualties in the fire , but the loss is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars .

Lately in Manado City of frequent fires . From the data gathered , the main cause of the fire was most dominated by short circuit .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Supporters Confident Jokowi Will not Remove Teacher Certification

Supporters Party Presidential Candidate Joko Widodo in West Sulawesi province confirms Jokowi will not abolish teacher certification when elected President in the Presidential Election ( Election) 2014.

" We as a party official in West Sulawesi Jokowi supporter , stating that the rumors circulating in the community , especially in the West Sulawesi Majene , stating Jokowi would abolish teacher certification when elected President , not at all true , " said Secretary General Executive Board of the Province of West Sulawesi Regional CLA Yahya Hanafi , in Produktion Saturday .

He said Jokowi when elected President in the 2014 election it will improve the welfare of teachers , as the pillars that build and educate the nation to progress and develop. Jokowi certainly will not eliminate teacher certification .
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According to him , the issue stating Jokowi would eliminate teacher certification is a campaign that is not true black . Thus, people should not believe the issue is full of political interests .

" Jokowi has met with the Chairman of the Indonesian Teachers Association ( PGRI ) and confirms that it will not eliminate the certification of teachers , '' he said .

'' Certification will only be maintained and well-being and quality of teachers will be improved , for the advancement of education in this country for the betterment of the nation , " said Yahya .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

"1,000 Percent Innocent Suryadharma Ali, he's not guy Haus Money"

Deputy Secretary General of the United Development Party ( PPP ) Joko Purwanto admitted that he had guessed the determination of the Chairman of PPP who is also the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali as a suspect related to the organization of the Hajj corruption . As the closest Suryadharma , Joko believes it is innocent colleagues .

"I was as close to him are not sure a SDA ( Suryadharma Ali ) do it . I am well aware of who the SDA , I am 1,000 percent sure he's innocent . So , I know very well he is not the person who thirst for money , the thirst for wealth is not typical . But he's a diligent worker and try to do the best at his job , " Joko said when contacted on Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .
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However , Ricardo stated that the PPP would continue to respect the existing legal process . Since a week ago , he added , the PPP is already suspect that the SDA will be named as a suspect by the KPK . This refers KPK chairman Abraham Samad statement stating there will be an official country would be suspect in Hajj corruption case .

" Therefore , we respect the ongoing legal process . As a party and personal , we must uphold the presumption of innocence , we respect it. God willing, this storm could soon be out of the PPP who was struck ketum . I'm sure Hakk ul SDA is not as alleged, "said Joko .

Previously reported , the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) set Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali as suspects in the alleged corruption related to the organization of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in fiscal year 2012-2013 .

Determination of the status of the suspect 's Suryadharma Ali delivered KPK deputy chairman Busyro Muqoddas .

" It rose investigation by the SDA ( Suryadharma Ali ) et al as a suspect , " said KPK deputy chairman Busyro Muqoddas .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bank Indonesia: TPID Proven Ability to Help Mute Inflation

Governor of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) said Agus DW Martowardojo , synergy central government and local governments is essential in formulating solutions to problems of price stability . This is because high inflation will lead to an increase in price significantly.

According to Agus , amid rising global and domestic challenges in 2013 and originally predicted inflation could hit double digits as a result of the increase in the price of fuel oil ( BBM ) subsidy . However , the fact that inflation can be managed well by the Bank and the government , so that inflation can be maintained at 8.3 percent position .
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" It's not out of commitment , hard work , and the support of 233 Regional Inflation Control Team ( TPID ) which has been formed to date , " said Agus on Rakornas TPID V at Hotel Grand Sahid Jaya , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) .

Agus said, many efforts have been made ​​concrete by TPID and acted upon by the local government as an effort to control inflation . He gave the example is subsidizing freight food supply in East Java .

" There is also the addition of loading and unloading capacity at the port in Kupang , the implementation of warehouse receipt systems in Cirebon , the conversion of fuel gas (CNG ) for fishermen in Gorontalo , and communication in the TPID - TPID in the Sumatra region to direct the public's expectations of inflation , " said Agus .

These efforts is called Agus is able to reduce the impact of fuel price hike be smaller than in 2005 and 2008. Information only , the increase in fuel price subsidies in the years has resulted in a skyrocketing rate of inflation .

" In 2005 and 2008 the inflation respectively 11 and 17 percent . Recent developments improved inflation . Along with the achievement of inflation targets in the whole of 2014 reached 4.5 plus or minus 1 percent , " said Agus .

Today, the government through the Bank Indonesia ( BI ) , the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs , and Ministry of Interior held a National Coordination Meeting of Regional Inflation Control Team ( TPID ) . Rakornas among others attended by governors , mayors , and regents from all over Indonesia . Also attending Chairul Minister for Economic Affairs , Minister of Home Affairs Gamawan Fauzi , Minister of Agriculture Suswono , and Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Golkar politician Jusuf Kalla Appoints So Spokesman

Candidates vice president , Jusuf Kalla , Golkar politician pointed , Poempida Hidayatulloh , as his spokesman . On the other hand , the Golkar Party has officially declared their full support for the president and vice president candidates , Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa .

" Thank God and an honor , I was appointed as a spokesman for Mr. Jusuf Kalla , " said Poempida in the short message received by journalists on Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Poempida which is one of the Golkar loyalist Kalla in the states already have confidence that the JK will be appointed by the vice Chairman of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) Megawati Sukarnoputri . Poempida said , the signs were never delivered by JK told him in October 2013 .
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" Pak Jusuf Kalla told me about his meeting with President Megawati . Both statesmen is to discuss the constellation of the 2014 presidential election . Since listening to the story , I am very confident that in the mind of a Megawati's PDI-P will carry Jokowi- JK , " he said .

Members of the House of Representatives Commission IX also found a couple Joko Widodo and Kalla is hope for Indonesia in the future . Both figures it has a closeness with people very well .

" Both were happy to go straight into the work field . Both also have public communication skills and clear what it is the workers who are both serious and tenacious . This is a major capital of both highly give hope to me personally , and I believe this would be felt by the people of Indonesia , "said Poempida .

Poempida said , there will be a lot of Golkar members supporting Jokowi docked . However , he did not want to open up anyone who supports Jokowi . "Later officially exist , yes , " he said .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dahlan Iskan Indonesia Difficult Headache Society Save Electricity

Minister of State Enterprises ( SOEs ) Dahlan Iskan hard to judge the people of Indonesia are asked to conserve energy , especially electricity . It causes power shortages in the country continuously and trigger blackouts .

" When we told people -power, he replied ' Oh we pay anyway ' , " Dahlan said after meeting leaders of the Ministry of Enterprise , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) .

Dahlan compared with Japan and Korea , where people obey the orders of the government . If the power is reduced due to interference , the people of Japan and Korea immediately turn off the air conditioner and lights unused .
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" In Japan , Korea , there is disruption reduced the air conditioning , lights do not need to be turned off , it immediately turned off society , " said Dahlan .

Dahlan added that the Indonesian people feel the need for electricity when it's dead . If not dead , the people of Indonesia can not be power-efficient . " What attracts people remember electric , electric remember if they're dead , " said Dahlan .

Previously reported , two days in a row of PT PLN ( Persero ) Distribution of Jakarta and Tangerang killed power in Jakarta and Tangerang . This is done PLN due to system power deficit of approximately 750 MW Muara Karang Sub System - Gandul , Balaraja - Papyrus , and Kembangan on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 .