Monday, April 21, 2014

Internal PDIP Still Different Opinions About the Declaration of Vice President Jokowi

Senior politicians Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDIP ) , Pramono Anung , revealed that the name of the candidate for vice president ( Vice President ) companion pursed Joko Widodo had three names . The name of the Vice President will be announced around May 5, 2014 .

" Internally PDIP this authority in Bu Mega and Jokowi to decide who will be the vice presidential candidate . So now the count - count is pursing the names that already exist . Three names that hopefully soon be announced , " said Pramod in Parliament Building, Jakarta , Monday, April 21, 2014 .
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The man who was familiarly called Pram was admitted in internal party if there is still a difference in views on the future vice presidential declaration . There cadres who wants declaration after the plenary Commission announced May 5, 2014 General Election coming , and nobody wants announced today .

"As to who it is I am not competent to it ( announced ) , " he said .

According to the Deputy Speaker of the House , the party will also seek input from relevant Nasdem Party leadership candidate for vice president Jokowi .

" The names that have been circulating vice . Hopefully the public will merepon positive , " he said .


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