Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pedicab model Streets Corruption Present at Yogyakarta

Pedicab model of corruption starting on Wednesday ( 23/04/2014 ) , will be found in the streets of the city of Yogyakarta . Was officially launched at the rickshaw parking page Asri Medical Center , Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto 17 , Wirobrajan , Yogyakarta .

Rickshaw was initiated by the Community Development Council ( MPM ) PP Muhammadiyah collaboration with 30 pedicab drivers who are members of the Society of rickshaw Ahmad Dahlan ( Pabelan ) .

Present at the launch of the chairman of Muhammadiyah , Syukrianto and Director of Education and the ministry of the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) , Dedy Arohim represent KPK chairman Abraham Samad .

" It is the spirit of the anti-corruption movement detonate . Though starting from pedicab drivers , but the effect will be a big explosion to free the nation from corruption , " said Syukrianto .

Syukrianto explained , the explosion of anti-corruption movement should start from small things . Does anyone know if this day 30 pedicab drivers begin appearing tomorrow blast triggered movements from below others .

If people have simultaneous start , then the spirit will not be unstoppable . " Tomorrow will pass well to mbok - mbok basket at market , farmers to move anti -corruption , " he said .

He said Indonesia is a rich country . This is evident when there is corruption in various aspects , this country still stands , imagine if there is no corruption of the people would be very prosperous than they are today .

" Any corruption is still ' degeg ' , especially if it is not corrupted . Students can students study for free , " he said .

Syukrianto hope , with the explosion of the anti-corruption Commission rickshaw models stimulated to increasingly sharp , assertive , and powerful in ridding the country of the corrupt .
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30 rickshaws were launched today are all labeled " Free Pollution and Corruption " and " Corruption Damned People " . The two posts are on the left and right side of the rickshaw . In addition , to beautify , roof and body -painted rickshaws motif yellow and brown .


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