Monday, May 26, 2014

Shorted, SD in Manado Burned Building

Fire broke out in the city of Manado , on Monday ( 5/26/2014 ) morning . An elementary school building ( SD ) 61 and the houses are located in the Village of East Mahakeret , District Wenang , sold engulfed in the flames .

From the information gathered , the fire originated from the family home Kaeng Lumenta . Time of the incident , the homeowner was not in place . Strong suspicion that the fire ignited by a short circuit or a short circuit of the electrical installation of the house because it is unstable .

" Electricity die every moment on, every day there was a sudden blackout . Probably because it is unstable , so shorting , " said Meity , a resident who was on the scene .
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A total of five fire trucks from Manado City Government deployed to tackle the fire . New fire under control after two hours of blazing because the entrance to the site is very narrow making it difficult for officers .

Meanwhile , teaching and learning activities in SD 61 had to be stopped due to damaged several rooms on fire .

" The room library , class three and class four sold out on fire . Tomorrow we are thinking of new temporary relocation of students to another building , " said Chief of SD 61 , Mary Sundalangi .

Although there were no casualties in the fire , but the loss is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars .

Lately in Manado City of frequent fires . From the data gathered , the main cause of the fire was most dominated by short circuit .


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