Friday, May 23, 2014

Supporters Confident Jokowi Will not Remove Teacher Certification

Supporters Party Presidential Candidate Joko Widodo in West Sulawesi province confirms Jokowi will not abolish teacher certification when elected President in the Presidential Election ( Election) 2014.

" We as a party official in West Sulawesi Jokowi supporter , stating that the rumors circulating in the community , especially in the West Sulawesi Majene , stating Jokowi would abolish teacher certification when elected President , not at all true , " said Secretary General Executive Board of the Province of West Sulawesi Regional CLA Yahya Hanafi , in Produktion Saturday .

He said Jokowi when elected President in the 2014 election it will improve the welfare of teachers , as the pillars that build and educate the nation to progress and develop. Jokowi certainly will not eliminate teacher certification .
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According to him , the issue stating Jokowi would eliminate teacher certification is a campaign that is not true black . Thus, people should not believe the issue is full of political interests .

" Jokowi has met with the Chairman of the Indonesian Teachers Association ( PGRI ) and confirms that it will not eliminate the certification of teachers , '' he said .

'' Certification will only be maintained and well-being and quality of teachers will be improved , for the advancement of education in this country for the betterment of the nation , " said Yahya .


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