Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bank Indonesia: TPID Proven Ability to Help Mute Inflation

Governor of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) said Agus DW Martowardojo , synergy central government and local governments is essential in formulating solutions to problems of price stability . This is because high inflation will lead to an increase in price significantly.

According to Agus , amid rising global and domestic challenges in 2013 and originally predicted inflation could hit double digits as a result of the increase in the price of fuel oil ( BBM ) subsidy . However , the fact that inflation can be managed well by the Bank and the government , so that inflation can be maintained at 8.3 percent position .
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" It's not out of commitment , hard work , and the support of 233 Regional Inflation Control Team ( TPID ) which has been formed to date , " said Agus on Rakornas TPID V at Hotel Grand Sahid Jaya , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) .

Agus said, many efforts have been made ​​concrete by TPID and acted upon by the local government as an effort to control inflation . He gave the example is subsidizing freight food supply in East Java .

" There is also the addition of loading and unloading capacity at the port in Kupang , the implementation of warehouse receipt systems in Cirebon , the conversion of fuel gas (CNG ) for fishermen in Gorontalo , and communication in the TPID - TPID in the Sumatra region to direct the public's expectations of inflation , " said Agus .

These efforts is called Agus is able to reduce the impact of fuel price hike be smaller than in 2005 and 2008. Information only , the increase in fuel price subsidies in the years has resulted in a skyrocketing rate of inflation .

" In 2005 and 2008 the inflation respectively 11 and 17 percent . Recent developments improved inflation . Along with the achievement of inflation targets in the whole of 2014 reached 4.5 plus or minus 1 percent , " said Agus .

Today, the government through the Bank Indonesia ( BI ) , the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs , and Ministry of Interior held a National Coordination Meeting of Regional Inflation Control Team ( TPID ) . Rakornas among others attended by governors , mayors , and regents from all over Indonesia . Also attending Chairul Minister for Economic Affairs , Minister of Home Affairs Gamawan Fauzi , Minister of Agriculture Suswono , and Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi .


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