Sunday, May 4, 2014

Merapi activity increases not Interrupt Execution UN

Implementation of the national exam ( UN ) SMP / MTs in Sleman , not disturbed by the increase in the status of Mount Merapi, which has now become wary . This is because , there is no school organizers UN SMP / MTs who are in Disaster Prone Areas ( KRB ) III .

" Berebeda with SD , for SMP / MTs in Sleman does not exist in the area of ​​KRB III , so we hope that the UN continues to run smoothly and properly . Supervision was still done as operational procedures , " said Head of Sleman District Education Arif Haryono , Monday ( 05/05/2014 ) .
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Arif said that , although still within a safe radius , debriefing awareness for students and teachers has been done since the beginning . Evacuation routes and meeting points were already prepared and disseminated by the Government of Sleman district since raised the status of Merapi .

" Schools in the slopes of Merapi had also provided emergency response training . Exercises mitigation was already quite frequently performs at community and school community , " he added .

According to Arif , all schools in KRB III berradius five kilometers from the peak of Merapi , has been relocated to safer areas . " It was only three schools , and all elementary schools , " said Arif .

Meanwhile , Head of Education , Youth and Sports ( Disdikpora ) DIY Kadarmanta Baskara Aji said, the UN SMP / MTs held 5-8 May 2014 followed by 46 560 students from 521 schools .

Of that total , 15 of these schools to the number of participants SMPLB 40 students . For participants with special needs , there were five blind students of MTs Yaketunis and five low vision students in five different schools .

The students will receive additional processing time about 40 minutes with a maximum of 30 minutes rest period .

" School organizers UN SMP / MTs this year there are 451 schools . Merge the remaining 70 because there are two new schools that have not been accredited and the rest did not qualify the UN organizers have a minimum of 20 student participants of the UN , " said Aji .

On the same day also held the National Education Testing Equality ( UNKP ) B. In the DIY package , test package B followed 1,447 participants .

About the UN has been distributed to the 66 working groups . To UNPK Package B no 34 organizers . " For about the UN SMP / MTs supplied about 20 types of packages , so students in the room will receive the type of matter that is different. For the ' scanning ' ( scan ) examination answer sheets will be conducted at the Education Office of DIY , " he said .


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