Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dahlan Iskan Indonesia Difficult Headache Society Save Electricity

Minister of State Enterprises ( SOEs ) Dahlan Iskan hard to judge the people of Indonesia are asked to conserve energy , especially electricity . It causes power shortages in the country continuously and trigger blackouts .

" When we told people -power, he replied ' Oh we pay anyway ' , " Dahlan said after meeting leaders of the Ministry of Enterprise , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) .

Dahlan compared with Japan and Korea , where people obey the orders of the government . If the power is reduced due to interference , the people of Japan and Korea immediately turn off the air conditioner and lights unused .
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" In Japan , Korea , there is disruption reduced the air conditioning , lights do not need to be turned off , it immediately turned off society , " said Dahlan .

Dahlan added that the Indonesian people feel the need for electricity when it's dead . If not dead , the people of Indonesia can not be power-efficient . " What attracts people remember electric , electric remember if they're dead , " said Dahlan .

Previously reported , two days in a row of PT PLN ( Persero ) Distribution of Jakarta and Tangerang killed power in Jakarta and Tangerang . This is done PLN due to system power deficit of approximately 750 MW Muara Karang Sub System - Gandul , Balaraja - Papyrus , and Kembangan on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 .


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