Thursday, March 13, 2014

Solomon's judgment about Wadden Sea salt

Today , Tuesday, February 4 , offer of Nature , RSPB and Wadden Society during the Trilateral Wadden Sea Conference in the Danish Tønder participants to salty liquorice . With this move , the nature of their organizations call on Secretary Sharon Dijksma extra power to grant under the Wadden Sea salt . Nature no license (see also: obat burung)

Dijksma appointed during the conference as president of the international Wadden Sea Board , the trilateral cooperation between the Wadden Sea countries, the Netherlands , Germany and Denmark . With the trilateral cooperation , the countries to pursue a natural Wadden Sea . In the coming weeks, the Secretary of State to decide whether Frisia , part of Esco European Salt Company , get a license for the production of natural salt under the World Heritage . To ask for the harmful effects of salt on the Wadden Sea and shorebirds attention launch the nature organizations Tuesday the animated short film "Let the flats not drop ." They ask the conference participants and others through Facebook and Twitter sharing. The animated

" Salt does not belong in the Wadden Sea World , the largest and most important coastal tidal area in Europe , 'says Regional Director Wilfred Alblasgracht of Nature . The bottom of the Wadden Sea will drop by salt and change . Flats normally dry out , then threaten to drown . Thus Ballastplaat , an important feeding area for migratory birds , most likely will largely disappear. Frisia indicates that the plates by sedimentation increase again . It is not to be expected that the food quality of the record will be silted equally well. Major changes in the Wadden Sea have implications for the survival of tens of thousands of wading birds. " For example, for Knots , " explains Fred Wouters from RSPB . " Beautiful coppery birds flying to the Wadden Sea in large groups from their breeding grounds in the far north . After a journey of thousand miles they come to completely emaciated . They need to refuel , to fly to their wintering grounds in Africa. " Another thousand miles six weeks later

The environmental organizations have expressed their concerns to the UN organization UNESCO and to the House . The bird richness of the Wadden Sea is an important pillar of the World Heritage status of the Wadden Sea . UNESCO granted World Heritage status and monitors . Several members of the House spoke earlier wanting contact under the salt flats. From any risks In a motion adopted Labour MPs Fox Jacobi and urged the government to provide for salt at the slightest doubt impact on the nature of license. In response to the concerns expressed , the Secretary Frisia recently asked for more information to be able to make . Thorough consideration Frisia came up with answers , but not with new facts . The initial investigation by the independent Dutch Institute for Sea Research ( NIOZ ) shows that the risks are too great for nature .
(see also: vitamin burung)

" Dijksma must now pass a judgment of Solomon . " Concludes Alblas . " The problem of gas extraction in Groningen shows that the prediction of ground effects in underground mining is not easy. The value of the Wadden Sea for international migration is too big to put on the line and there are sufficient alternative sources of salt available . Esco has twenty zoutwinlocaties in Europe and in the Ems discharge German energy companies , due to gas storage in underground salt domes , salt was pumped into the sea unused . It would be nice if the Secretary of State as the new chairman of the trilateral cooperation as its first action makes the decision that salt under the World Heritage can not.


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