Wednesday, March 5, 2014

After Danang kill cats, social media scene hunter of wild dogs

Social networking scene after Danang Sutowijoyo proudly upload photos action killing kittens . The kitten was killed after being shot in Danang using a rifle from a distance of 20 meters .
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Similar cases of Danang , once again bustling social networking Facebook group members ' Lovers & Preserver Dog ' , Mario Raditya upload pictures of dog murder stemming from a Facebook account Rawi Abu Bakr . In the photos , the dogs were killed by being shot using a rifle .

According to Mario , the action taken by Abu Bakr Rawi highly inappropriate . "I think this photo is an act of cruelty and killing of dogs , I could these photos from fb person imaginable who photographed proudly displaying photos of this murder as a profile picture why I say murder because if called photo hunting dogs who must not be target .

although they did have such a wild dog is the way to handle it in my opinion much more humane way if it is proved diseased stray dogs can be euthanized but who are still healthy if you can look at tembakin adopter not like this , "wrote Mario in a group that has 3,335 members this last February 19 . search inside account of Abu Bakr , Monday ( 3/3 ) , which concerned the results of the hunt often post photos to facebook . Start of birds , lizards , ferrets to the wild dogs . Hunting is mostly done in Abu Bakr Marunda forest .
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In one photograph , Abu Bakar revealed the reason for the murder of stray dogs . " Wild Dog Din Bolang.matiin chicken bro ... And then people like chase through sendirian.makaNya told org Shoot , " Abu Bakr replied when asked about the picture .


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